Ten minutes from home, Arnold is so happy and excited when he realizes that he is going to IADL. Exhausted when he gets home (great exercise for him) and always is ready for a return visit. Loves the other dogs. Emily does a great grooming and he kisses her after his treatment!!! We feel very comfortable leaving Arnold with you and know he is well cared for.

- Lynn

Our Scottish Terrier, Dougal, has been attending It's a Dog's Life, first in their puppy day care program and now as a regular day care attendee, for the last 2 ½ years. Dougal always looks forward to his days at IADL. Dougal is a wonderful dog and we credit the staff at IADL for the marvelous job they did training and socializing Dougal during those critical first months. When Archie came along 8 weeks ago, there was no question about his day care arrangements. Archie is currently enrolled in puppy day care at IADL and loves it!

- Sandra

WOOF! My name is Kori. I'm 5 and I love "It's a Dog's Life." I've been playing with my friends there as long as I can remember. I'm so excited to get there that I don't fuss at all when my mom leaves. Of course, I have to jump all over her when she picks me up so she knows I'm glad to see her, too. The staff take really good care of me. I can tell they really love and understand dogs. They're always friendly to my mom and dad, too, which is good because I want to keep going there for a long time.

- Sherrill

Our puppy, Jackson, has been spending his days at IADL since he was 10 weeks old. For socialization with other dogs, it is the best thing we could have done for him. Every day we bring home a puppy happy and tired out from a day spent playing with his friends! The staff are wonderful, so we know he is always well taken care of.

- Audrey and Jamie

As a single doggy-momma, It's a Dog's Life has been a life saver. If I need to spend a day running errands and don't think that I'll have time to give Sugar a decent walk, I don't have to worry about my high-energy dog being deprived. I just bring her to IADL for the day and have the peace of mind of knowing that not only is she not being neglected, but she's getting a real treat by spending a whole day with her friends. It's a fantastic source of exercise and socialization for her. When I walk in to IADL and Sugar can hardly keep it together as she wiggles out of excitement towards the attendees at IADL, I feel good about the care and attention she'll be receiving that day. We love IADL! :)

- Josee


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